“KIMONO de Party” photographs are now available

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KIMONO de Party photo


“KIMONO de Party” photographs taken by Yukiko Onley are now available.

Here is the link to view photographs Yukiko Onley took at “KIMONO de Party” .

・How to recieve high-resolution-files

Step 1 : Choose a photo(s)
Contact with Yukiko and tell the number of the photo you like to have.

Step 2 : Make a payment
The first photo is included in $15 you paid. Any extra photo is $5 each.
Please send cheque to the address below.
Yukiko Onley 2075 Alberta St. Vancouver BC. V5Y 1C4
If you don’t have cheque, you can either come to pay me or I can come to you to receive your payment.

Step 3 : Recieve a photo(s)
Yukiko will e-mail you a high-resolution-file(s).

If you have any questions about photographs / payment, or for more details, please contact with Yukiko Onley directly.
Yukiko Onley Contact info

Yukiko Onleyさん撮影 “KIMONO de Party” 写真

下記 写真がアップされているリンクです。

ステップ 1 : 写真の選択
気に入った写真の番号をYukiko Onleyさんにお知らせください。

ステップ2 : 支払い
Yukiko Onley 2075 Alberta St. Vancouver BC. V5Y 1C4

ステップ3 : データの受け取り

写真や支払いについての質問や詳細は、直接Yukiko Onleyさんにご連絡ください。
Yukiko Onleyさん 連絡先