Schudule for Canada Day, July 1st 2015


Overall Schedule

  1. Check-in to receive your “Numbered Ticket”
    →Dressing up in your costumes
  2. Show up at “The Meeting Spot” in your costumes
  3. The parade begins
  4. The Parade Ends
  5. Return the rental costumes
The Parade Route & Meet points Map
The Parade Route & Meet points Map


1. Check-in to receive your “Numbered Ticket”

At the check-in desk, each of you will receive the numbered ticket to reserve your spot in the parade formation. There are tow check-in desk.

Check-in desk #1 at “Dressing Room”
Open 4:00pm – 6:00pm (Last check-in at 5:30)
Place at Fourseasons Hotel (Detail)
* Who needs to Check-in at “Dressing Room”?
  1. Who are renting Yukata
  2. Who are renting Happi
  3. Who needs help to dress up in your own Yukata
  4. Who haven’t make the payment
  5. Who wants to strage your belongings
  6. Who would like the last minute dance practice
Check-in desk #2 at “The Parade Meeting Spot”
Open 6:00pm – 6:15pm

* Those who doesn’t need to go “Dressing Room” can check-in at “The Parade Meeting Spot” arranged in the parade starting area.

2. Show up at “The Meeting Spot” in your costumes

Time:  6:00pm
Where: On the North of Alberni St. between Nicola and Broughton St.

You will find VancouverOndo’s parade car parked there. All dancers have to be here at this time ready for the parade.

* Please check-in and get your “Numbered Ticket” if you don’t check-in at “Dressing Room”.
* Please come in your costume
* Water is available at the hospitality tent at Alberni x Broughton st. Stay hydrated!!
* Portable washroom will be at Alberni x Nicola st.
* The wait time will be 60-90minutes.
* Take a lot of pictures and enjoy meeting people there!!

Please Leave your all belongings!!

You can not hold absolute anything in your hands during the parade!! Obi belt, breast pocket of Yukata is not a safe place to keep your phone, camera, wallet…etc. We will prepare a storage box for all dancers to keeps the belongings. The box will be put inside the parade car and we’ll return them to each individuals at the end of the parade. Please note, as we don’t take the responsibilities for your personal belongings, please minimize them as much as possible.
* There will be no space for large items to storage. Please leave things like a backpack, shoes… at “Dressing Room” before coming to the parade meeting spot.

3. The Parade begins

The fist group of the parade starts (at Georgia x Broughton St)

* Vancouver Ondo will starts at 26th of 50 groups.
* Distance of 1.1Km, about 30 minutes parade
* The Shaw TV will be broadcasting the parade LIVE on Georgia Street.

 End of the parade (at Burrard x Pender St)
* You have to continue dancing until reaching end of the parade.
* We will proceed on to Pender street to dispersal area.

4. The Parade Endsパレード

Dismissal (at Pender x Howe St)
* Please join the group photo before leaving.
* We’ll share the all photos taken during the parade by our photographer later.

Please return all costume items you rent!!
* Those who rent Yukatas need to return straight back to “Dressing Room” at the Hotel right after the dismissal.
Happi rentals can be checked out at this dismissal spot.

5. Return the Rental Costumes

At “Dressing Room”,  Yukata renters need to check-out with all items you rent (Yukata, Obi, two waist strings) before leaving.

“Dressing Room” close
* Please return all rentals and pick up your belongings by this time.


 Enjoy the Fireworks at Canada Place starting at 10:30pm!!

Four Season Hotel Fitting Room

Dressing up service: 4:00pm – 5:45pm
Changing and Returning Costumes: 8:30pm – 9:30pm

Address : 791 W Georgia St, Vancouver, BC Map on Google
*The main entrance is on Howe St nearby Georgia St.

Room : Arbutus Room (on the third floor)
* Please find the elevator in the main lobby on the 2nd floor to come to the 3rd floor

Fourseasons Hotel
着付け会場(Fourseasons Hotel)
Arbutus Room 入口

Note for the Canada Day


What to bring

* For those bring in your own yukata

  • Ykata
  • Obi (Sash or Belt)
  • Koshi-himo (2) …  Waist ties. A pair of disused pantyhoses cut in half can be used as substitute a Koshi-himo.


* Recomended for better dressing-up

  • Face towel (2)  to adjust your body line
  • Obi-ita …Piece of Boardb of 13cmx42cm size can be used for this.


  • All the dancers must wear some kind of Japanese style costumes.(Yukata, Kimono, Happi, Jinbe)
  • You can put small accessaries as you like. (Nothing in your hands)
  • Please show up in your costumes to the parade starting point.
  • Please make sure you are wearing confortable shoes to walk. We recommend NOT to wear Geta slippers which would cause you not to finish the parade.


  • Please make sure you are wearing confortable shoes to walk. sneakers and trecking sandals are perfect. We recommend NOT to wear Geta slippers which would cause you not to finish the parade. No barefoot.

Fitting Room

  • You will receive rental Yukata / Happi at the check-in desk at “Dressing Room” (Fourseasons Hotel)
  • You don’t need any help to put on Happi costumes. You just can put it on like an jacket.
  • There will be no hair styling or make-up service provided from us.
  • During the parade (6:00pm – 9:00pm) the door will be locked. You can storage your belongings there at your personal responsibility for your safety and your valuables.


  • There will be two Check-in locations – one at “Dressing Room” and one at the parade starting point.
  • At the Check-in desks, please receive your “Numbered Ticket”.
  • We will check the status of your attendance to lessons, costumes and the payment.


The Parade Meeting Spot

  • There will be wait time for 60-90 minutes.
  • Water is available at the hospitality tent at Alberni x Broughton st. Stay hydrated!!
  • Please be mindful of the residents of the area.
    (There will be recycle bins. Smoking is not allowed in the area.)
  • For parents and gardians! Please keep your eyes on your childrens at all time.


  • Distance of 1.1 km, walking for about 30 minutes.
  • Please do not hold anythin in your hands during the parade.
  • We have photographers to take the photos of you during the parade. The photos will be shared later.
  • Please join group photo taking after the parade.


See you at the parade!!